High permissive current capacitor series targets automotive applications

November 16, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Murata has added three new multilayer monolithic ceramic capacitors to its EVC series of high permissive current capacitors.

These surface mounting capacitors measure 16x20mm and have an EIA U2J temperature characteristic that supports an operating temperature range from -55 to +125ºC. An absolute maximum case temperature of +150ºC is permitted for a short duration. The additions to the EVC series are 1.2uF / 500 VDC, 300 nF / 1kV and 100 nF / 1.4 kV. The maximum allowable current, at 100 kHz, is 30A (RMS). Typical applications for the EVC series include use as a smoothing or snubber capacitor for inverter/converter applications or as a resonance capacitor for a wireless charging system.

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