High temperature sensor for exhaust gas measurements

July 05, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For applications requiring extremely high temperatures including exhaust emission measurement and diesel particle filters, Japanese manufacturer Tateyama Kagaku has developed a sensor element. The Pt200 is designed for an operational temperature range from -40°C through +1000°C.

The device has a nominal resistance of 200 ohms at 0°C. At temperatures of up to 300°C the accuracy is ±0K, in the range from 300°C to 900°C the accuracy is ±3K. The characteristics of the device meet the requirements described in DIN IEC751. 

As a result of its specific structure, its protected surface and its combination of thin film and thick film technology, the sensor element features extreme resistance to heat and mechanical shocks. The platinum wire inside the element has a diameter of 0.2mm. 

The new sensor is particularly suitable for applications where extremely high temperatures have to be measured such as catalysts, exhaust emission measurement and diesel particle filters. Its high stability and resilience facilitates the exact measurement the emission values required to meet the EURO5 and EURO6 standards. The unique feature is the sensor's high resistance without any drift at temperatures of up to 1000°C - according to the vendor, comparable sensors can only be used at maximum temperatures of 900°C or less. 

Tateyama offers customer-specific modifications for its sensors. The sensor can be purchased at distributor Endrich Bauelemente GmbH (Nagold, Germany) which also offers customer specific solutions. 

For more information, visit www.endrich.com