High-temperature sensor for exhaust systems with large diameters

January 10, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
EngineSens Motorsensor GmbH has developed a resistance thermometer with an immersion depth of up to 135 mm. With the product, the company targets particulate filter control applications for Diesel engines for off-highway vehicles.

The product is based on the exhaust gas temperature probe HTS by manufacturer BorgWarner BERU. According to EngineSens, development goal was transferring the reliability of a large-scale production-proven product to applications that require a greater depth of intrusion. The probe tip can be exposed to temperatures up to 800° C. This allows the product to monitor the particulate filter regeneration of large diesel engines that are widely used in off-highway applications. In modern denox-systems and in many processes of mechanical engineering and chemistry high temperature sensors are required. All materials used consist of at least high-grade stainless steel. Thus, corrosive components cannot deteriorate the performance of the sensor, explained Carstens.

The sensing element with the sensor tip is produced by BorgWarner BERU Systems. EngineSens provides this product with a separate support sleeve to increase the intrusion length. The HTS-EXT 135 is designed to be used in cogeneration plants, furnaces, burners, thermal and chemical treatment systems as well as in automotive exhaust gas reduction systems.

For further information, visit www.motorsensor.de