HMI design tool now available in a free version

June 23, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Carmakers regard the vehicle’s human-machine interface (HMI) as a key differentiator for their respective brand and thus as relevant for competition. For this reason, HMI design tools attract high attention from OEMs and tier ones. Software vendor Elektrobit (EB) now comes out with a new release of for its EB GUIDE toolkit. The version at hand enables developers to create customised HMI systems at higher productivity.

EB GUIDE 6 is an updated version of its HMI toolkit for the development of multimodal in-car screens with advanced graphics, plus voice-, touch screen- and gesture-based controls. Along with the release 6 the tool vendor is also announcing a new pricing and licensing model which includes a free, downloadable version - EB GUIDE Studio 6 - starting August 2015.

EB GUIDE 6 represents a complete redesign of the EB GUIDE HMI development toolchain, integrating new features such as a streamlined graphical user interface that makes it easier to use by both engineers and designers alike. EB GUIDE 6 helps reduce development time and costs by enabling existing models, animations, widgets and other assets to be reused for different projects, brands or markets, simplifying the process of creating a consistent, yet customizable, look and feel. The software toolchain allows users to work in distributed projects with support for branching and merging software models, and it automatically integrates models created using previous versions of EB GUIDE software, providing an automatic migration path for assets created with EB GUIDE 5.5.

EB GUIDE 6 offers developers a choice of user interface (UI) modes, including

  • Graphical with 3-D support, animations, effects and integration of HTML5 content
  • Touch, multi-touch (e.g., pinch, zoom, rotate) and path gesture recognition (detection of a path drawn on a surface)
  • Voice, with the latest speech technology

The software will be available for download free of charge here:

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