From HVAC to stepper motor drivers - On Semi rolls broad automotive portfolio

November 15, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
ON Semiconductor has announced the launch of several new product families designed for the rapidly evolving automotive market in which electronic content continues to increase to enable advanced features in fuel economy, safety, infotainment and in-vehicle communications.

At electronica, the chipmaker has two new driver integrated circuits (ICs) and two new system basis chips (SBC) that address applications in areas such as automotive body control, engine control, interior lighting and DC motor management for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The NCV7718 hex half-bridge driver can be operated in forward, reverse, brake and high impedance states. The device incorporates a comprehensive range of built-in protection features as well as both high-side and low-side drivers. Control is achieved via a 16-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI) and a low quiescent current sleep mode helps address automotive demands for low power usage and high efficiency. The driver is daisy chain compatible with multiples of 8-bit devices.

The NCV7240, is an eight channel low-side driver delivering up to 600 milliamps (mA) drive capability per channel to provide control of power distribution to relays, LEDs and unipolar stepper motors in automotive applications. Each output driver is protected for overload current and includes a clamp for inductive loads. Output control is via a SPI port and other key features of the small footprint SSOP24 packaged low power device include parallel input pins, a 'limp-home' mode and low quiescent current in both sleep and standby modes that minimises demand on the car battery.

The NCV7471 SBC with dual LIN, high-speed CAN and a 500 mA boost-buck DC-DC controller provides and monitors low-voltage power suppliers and monitors the application software and via a watchdog. The CAN and LIN transceivers allow the electronic control unit (ECU) to host multiple communication nodes or to act as a gateway unit while an on-chip state controller ensures safe power-up sequence and supports low-power modes.

The NCV7430 SBC is a LIN-based single chip driver for dedicated multicolor LED applications in interior ambient lighting. The RGB driver includes three independent LED current regulators and a LIN interface for parametric programming of LED color and intensity. Depending on customer requirements, the