Infineon, ASE plan to utilize copper in chip wire bonding

November 07, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Semiconductor manufacturing services provider Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) and chipmaker Infineon Technologies have started joint developments aiming at establishing copper wire bonding in automotive products.

One of the major drivers in the semiconductor industry's use of copper used to be the rising cost of gold, which normally is used for wire bonding. Thus, copper wire bonding has made IC assembly more competitive in terms of cost. In automotive environments, another aspect may be equally relevant: Copper also has excellent performance in thermal and electrical conductivity. The collaboration between the German chipmaker and the Taiwan-based technology developer will focus on enabling copper wire bonding for QFP packages in automotive microcontrollers and manufacturing.

The ASE Group claims to be a forerunner in copper wire bonding assembly manufacturing services since 2008. The company has shipped more than 25 billion units of copper wire IC packages to date. 

“The use of copper wire bonding in packages for the automotive market requires adherence to a higher threshold of quality assurance standards,” said Dr Tien Wu, COO of the ASE Group. “Our collaboration with Infineon will enable ASE to learn and adopt world class standards from a leading automotive semiconductor company.”