Infineon, Escrypt make on-board communication more secure

December 07, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For years, there has been close cooperation between chip manufacturer Infineon and the embedded security system house Escrypt in the field of cyber security for vehicles. As a result of this cooperation, the two companies are now presenting a solution that makes onboard communication more secure through encryption and also takes future security requirements into account. And the best of all: The solution is Autosar-compliant.

The solution is based on the second generation of Infineon's multicore AURIX (TC3xx) family of microcontrollers and Escrypt’s CycurHSM security software. The coordinated combination of hardware and software makes it difficult to manipulate Electronic Control Units (ECUs), of which an average of around 60 currently communicate with each other in one car. The product improves IT security for applications such as software update over-the-air (SOTA) and automated driving.

Compared to a purely software-based solution, the combination of hardware and software - AURIX and CycurHSM - offers significantly better performance parameters. Today, the TC3xx microcontroller integrates a hardware security module (HSM) in which the security functions are physically encapsulated. In this way, the host controller of the ECU can devote itself fully to its tasks.

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