Infineon to launch R&D center for automotive electronics, AI

May 11, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At its Dresden campus, chipmaker Infineon will establish a new research and development center focusing on automotive electronics and Artificial Intelligence. The center will become operative during the course of the current year with an initial headcount of some 100 researchers. The move shows that AI has arrived at the chip level.

The cut set of automotive electronics and AI is growing rapidly. Almost at a weekly pace, vehicle manufacturers are announcing new AI-based features or new collaborations with the big names in AI research. So far, Infineon has largely played a spectator role in this game. Although the chipmaker is much more involved in the automotive processor business than it is perceived in the public, the focus of Infineon's automotive business has been and still is on power electronics. Now that seems to be changing: AI and its applications in cars have become so important that no one can ignore them if they claim a leading role in the semiconductor business for the automotive industry. Reason enough for the chip manufacturer to turn intensively to AI.

In Dresden, the company is already running an R&D center dedicated to wafer technologies and semiconductor manufacturing processes. This center employs more than 2000 engineers, physicists and other semiconductor experts. They now will be joined by initially 100, and in the coming years up to 250 AI experts.

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