Infotainment SDK for Coqos released

March 16, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Embedded automotive software maker OpenSynergy has put together a software developers kit for the infotainment domain, based on its Coqos software framework. Coqos SDK 7.0 actually turns the framework into an SDK, the company says.

Coqos contains the components necessary to efficiently create Android- and Linux-based telematics and infotainment systems that fulfill the requirements specific to automotive applications. OpenSynergy adapts its solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers by individually assembling the modules in this flexible software kit. The most prominent components in Coqos are the certified hypervisor, the Coqos Autosar environment, the shared graphics feature, the fast-booting rear-view camera function, and the cross-domain Bluetooth Stack Blue SDK. These products enable the development of systems that meet demanding safety and security standards.

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