Integrity RTOS certified for CC EAL 6+

March 24, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Green Hills' real-time operating system Integrity-178B has been certified by the National Assurance Partnership (NIA) for the EAL 6+ level. This very high level enables designers to utilize the RTOS in very safety and security critical applications.

The certification refers to the Integrity version 178B and confirms that the operating system is suited for applications in avionics, defense, railway, communications and medical applications as well as in automotive applications where failsafe reliability is a requirement. Since the RTOS reliably separates tasks running on the same microprocessor, it helps designers to reduce size, weight and costs for devices since otherwise the high safety level would require the utilization of two or more microprocessors, the vendor argues.

According to Green Hills, Integrity-178B now also offers highly secure and reliable application support for applications utilizing the avionics interface Arinc 653 as well as applications written in C, C++ and Ada. Green Hills also provides now security functions such as journaling file system, UDP/IP networking stack and the TFP protocol.

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