Integrity RTOS now supports Renesas’ 2nd-Generation R-Car devices

October 01, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Operating system provides guaranteed safety separation, fast graphics and boot performance for multicore ARM Cortex-A15/A7

Green Hills Software's Integrity RTOS and software development and run-time solutions now support Renesas Electronics’ 2nd-generation R-Car series of SoCs (system-on-chip), offering a solution for the ARM Cortex-A15 and A7 architectures, including Integrity Multivisor virtualisation technology, the Integrity RTOS, MULTI multicore debugger, TimeMachine trace suite, GPU-accelerated graphics, a suite of middleware and the Green Hills family of JTAG and trace probes.

Renesas Electronics’ R-Car devices are SoCs offering low power consumption and high system integration and among the R-Car series of SoCs, the second-generation R-Car H2 and R-Car M2 are suitable for next-generation high-end automotive infotainment systems, multimedia and navigations systems, instrument clusters and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The Green Hills solution for R-Car will be the only run-time and development software on that platform with guaranteed real-time determinism and safety for manufacturers of automotive devices requiring an RTOS designed to meet functional safety requirements combined with powerful human-machine interfaces (HMI), multicore debugging, optimal compiler performance and deep-visibility trace debugging.

“Future automotive systems from 2015 and beyond will demand fast startup capabilities and fast rendering performance for high-quality designs,” said Tatsuya Nishihara, vice president, chief of Automotive Solutions Business Division at Renesas Electronics.

Green Hills Software offers a solution for ARM Cortex-A15 and A7 devices including the following major components:

Integrity Multivisor technology combines a trusted microkernel with system virtualisation technology into an IVI platform featuring configurable software partitions, shared graphics, real-time and safety-critical processing, and one or more infotainment guest operating systems

Integrity RTOS for applications demanding safety, reliability and security with HMI design software and drivers for the Integrity RTOS

MULTI integrated software development environment featuring multicore debugger, profiler and many other integrated time-saving tools

Tool chain compliant to automotive and industrial safety standards ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL-D) and IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3)

TimeMachine debugger and SuperTrace probe for rewind debugging and non-intrusive analysis

EEMBC-certified C/C++ compilers for R-Car’s