Interactive infotainment display concept fits any shape

November 19, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Texas instrument's approach to automotive dashboards or infotainment displays takes physical constraints out of the way by replacing what is typically a flat LCD touchscreen by a rear-projected image on a translucent cockpit construction.

The demonstrator shown at electronica used TI’s digital light processing (DLP) MEMS chips for the rear projection, together with specially designed optics aimed at correcting any distortions and blurring effects due to the varying projection angles on the inside of the translucent body. The entire dashboard surface is made touch-interactive through infrared illumination and finger shadow detection by IR video capture and processing. Like on the latest smartphones, the interface can recognise zooming, scrolling or swiping gestures. This doesn’t prevent standard rotary buttons to be fitted for dedicated functionalities. Thanks to video projection, the entire dashboard’s look can be reconfigured based on the type of user interaction or according to the current driving mode (cruising, parking, incoming calls, tweets etc...)

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