Interface box connects to CAN and Ethernet

June 05, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vector is introducing a compact Ethernet/CAN interface with USB. Developers in the automotive and aerospace industries will benefit from simultaneous access to CAN networks and Ethernet-based systems such as Broad-R-Reach or AFDX with just one interface. The new VN5610 device can be used in a broad range of tasks from residual bus simulations to Ethernet monitoring and synchronization of Ethernet frames with other bus systems such as CAN. In particular, developers will benefit from highly precise time stamps with a common time base for synchronizing the various systems.

The VN5610 bus interface provides two separate channels for Ethernet and CAN, which enables simultaneous operation of a remaining bus simulation with the CANoe.IP or CANalyzer.IP Vector tools. While two high-speed CAN channels are available in the CAN section, the Ethernet section supports Broad-R-Reach and standard Ethernet IEEE 802.3 (100BASE-TX or 1000BASE-T). The advantage here is that the user can connect existing standard Ethernet loggers and accessories when used as an Ethernet media converter.

In what is known as Ethernet monitoring, the new interface offers a transparent connection (in/out/monitor) between two nodes with precise time stamps.

In the interplay of the new VN5610 with the Vector tools CANoe.AFDX or CANalyzer.AFDX, it is now possible to access the Ethernet-based AFDX® protocol that is widely used in the aerospace industry.

The new interface can also readily handle the new CAN FD standard with its reconfigurable FPGA hardware architecture, and it rounds out the new VN5610 product range.

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