Interoperability testing for automotive Ethernet ECUs

March 10, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Ruetz System Solutions (Munich, Germany), specialists in automotive data communications have designed an interoperability test platform for Automotive Ethernet, that operates within the framework of compliance tests for Automotive Ethernet.

The test platform constitutes a component of the test set-up for Open Alliance Layer 1 interoperability tests for ECUs. The IOP tester allows the verification of ECUs for interoperability with other ECUs for Layer 1, based on (100BASE-T1 / OABR). It offers an open application programming interface (API) and, so, is easy to integrate into existing test systems. Users can create their own tests and test sequences. Measurements of link-up time, signal quality and cable diagnosis are within the scope of testing.

The IOP tester is a component of the company’s compliance verification process; standardised test methods for Automotive Ethernet combine the new automotive standards with existing reliable and stable systems. For component and ECU verification, the compliance verification process provides the necessary system and simplifies the introduction to this technology for new carmakers and suppliers.