I/O board is optimized for tests of automotive body electronics

February 18, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Development tool vendor dSpace GmbH has expanded its Scalexio Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) system by adding the DS2690 digital I/O board. Designed for the specific requirements of body electronics, the DS2690 is equipped with a high number of digital channels covering all relevant variants and functions of digital I/O signals.

The functionality of the I/O channels can be programmed easily, the vendor promises. This gives the users the flexibility to adapt HiL test systems to the control units used in the specific car model. Body control units with flexible I/O definitions for different variants of a vehicle platform thus can be tested on the same HiL system.

If real and dummy loads are connected with the DS2690, users have the option to conduct control unit tests under realistic conditions. Like all other Scalexio boards, the DS2690 offers an integrated Failure Routing Unit (FRU) for fault simulations. For this purpose, the new board can be integrated seamlessly into the existing Scalexio fault simulation concept.

The configuration of the DS2690 I/O board is done by means of a graphical user interface with the dSpace Software ConfigurationDesk. As a consequence, the Scalexio system can be adapted easily to different variants of the control unit, no matter if the users conducts tests of single control units or integration tests of multiple control units.

For more information visit www.dspace.de