IPEmotion 1.08 supports FlexRay, offers enhanced report functions

October 06, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
IPEtronik GmbH has released version 1.08 of its IPEmotion data acquisition software. The software which addresses the needs of automotive electronics designers, offers a number of new features, including enhanced reporting functions, a data logger output window, import of FlexRay data though A2L data files, and an independent analysis function.

The enhanced reporting functions offer a more comfort when creating reports. Users now can adapt the print view of their reports by adding individual logos or text information. Once created, such a layout can be used as default for all print-outs.

With the data logger window, IPEmotion supports the new hyper terminal function which displays event messages in a separate message window. The advantage: status information can be displayed by the data logger within IPEmotion. Until now, users had to use either a separate hyper terminal program or the VGA output of the M-LOG data logger. The new solution makes additional hardware or software redundant.

The software also is equipped with a new climate function, supporting designers to perform computations of refrigeration circuits. The function includes an Log-p-h diagram as well as an enthalpy formula. This diagram depicts the relation of pressure and enthalpy. In this context, five new formulas have been added.

The new software version also supports the FlexRay protocol, a deterministic high-speed protocol which increasingly is adopted in the automotive industry. Currently, FlexRay is used in a number of high-end vehicles in the data communication between ECUs. For FlexRay measurements, a data logger with Flexray extender is required.

For more information, visit www.ipemotion.com