IPEmotion software for the design of refrigeration circuits

February 20, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive measurement expert company Ipetronik rounds off the feature set of its IPEmotion measurement software by adding an optional HVAC package. The Add-on enables designers to conduct complex computations and visualizations of cooling circuits.

The software has been developed for test bench applications in IPEtronics' IPEtec division which deals with automotive HVAC system testing. The software supports HVAC designers to dimension compressors and air conditioning systems. It helps to optimize these systems with regards to fuel efficiency under varying environmental conditions.

The HVAC package contains enthalpy formulas for the calculation of all relevant parameters. In addition, it integrates the REFROP materials data base for freezing agent. Currently, it supports CO2, r134a, r1234yf, r22, r404a, r410a and r507a. The configuration is very simple: The user selects the basic formula from the formula pool and assigns measurement channels for pressure, temperature and freezing agent index to the relevant points in the freezing agent circulation.

IPEmotion offers a variety of solutions how this software can be used for measurement tasks. Enthalpy and pressure reference points in the log-p-h-diagram can also be determined by means of offline computations and based on measurement data.

More information can be found on www.ipetronik.com