Ixonos rolls customizable digital content store for connected cars

July 04, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Mobile software company Ixonos has expanded its app store platform services for the automotive industry. The Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive is a controlled channel for delivery of content and services to vehicles. The new product enables companies like automotive manufacturers and head unit manufacturers to push innovations to cars, build customer loyalty and help car dealers to better manage customer relationships.

Earlier this year, Ixonos introduced its Ixonos IVI Connect Head unit connectivity software. Now the Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive enhances the company's offering for the automotive industry. The Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive is a cloud-based service, which provides easy setup and cost-efficient maintenance as well as allows the store to adapt to rapid growth or changes in operations. The platform is also suitable for distribution of other types of digital content, such as video, music, e-books and online magazines. “Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive is the first usability driven store for vehicles, with safety as a key priority – this is one of the truly unique aspects of this new product”, says Roope Suomalainen, head of the Experience business area at Ixonos. “Vehicles are getting connected and we are in the forefront of bringing internet services to cars”, explains Suomalainen.

“There are several similarities between the automotive industry and mobile communications, but there are also significant differences”, says Timo Salminen, Director, Automotive & Home. “Ability to control the content to avoid driver distraction is essential. On the other hand, we also need to enable third parties to get controlled access to cars, such as for rear seat entertainment”, Mr Salminen continues.

Analytics is an essential part of the Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive. The store allows customer relationships to be strengthened, for instance by using individual user information to provide targeted services and information. “If the consumer allows it, we can collect data about, for example, consumer behaviour or driving style. This enables dealers to understand their customers better and provide improved customer service”, Mr Salminen, points out.

Part of the Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive offering is to provide the tools and frameworks to build apps and services designed for the car environment. “There is vast room for innovation, for example to enhance the navigation service and the overall driving experience. Our design team, together with our