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December 19, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
As automobiles become increasingly networked, they are also increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks. One of the most vulnerable elements of vehicles is the venerable CAN bus – at the time it was designed some 30 years ago, nobody expected that vehicles ever would have an air interface. Now cyber security pioneer Karamba Security has devised a solution to the problem.

The system actually is bus architecture agnostic, Barzilai explained. Thus, it also can be implemented in landscapes where other bus systems are used in addition to the CAN – for instance CAN FD, FlexRay or the increasingly popular automotive Ethernet.

To establish its solution in the automotive industry and to widen the scope of its solutions, Karamba has recently inked cooperation contracts with automotive engineering company IAV, infotainment systems provider Alpine and technology conglomerate Honeywell. Karamba Security and Honeywell jointly identify and validate software commands and data in real time. Honeywell's unauthorized access detection software monitors network communication and vehicle anomalies while Karamba Security's ECU software prevents an attack on the vehicle.

In cooperation with Karamba Security, IAV has set up an Automotive Security Defense Center to demonstrate how cyber attacks can be prevented to protect the networked vehicle. The prototype continuously monitors the vehicle for OEMs and fleet operators to detect and defend against attacks. It analyzes vulnerabilities and any issues identified by OEMs to close security vulnerabilities.

At the CES in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12,2018, Karamba Security will be showing joint live hacks. The security experts will be discussing with visitors how weak points in the networked vehicle can be secured preventively and how companies can work together across industries to protect the automotive industry.


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