KDPOF to showcase innovative vehicle Gigabit solutions

February 19, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The Spanish fabless chip manufacturer KDPOF, known for its solutions in the area of Gigabit networking via POF (polymer optical fiber) in vehicles, presents a complete POF solution for effortless integration into the vehicle electrical system. At the international congress' Wiring Systems in the Automotive Industry' on 13 and 14 March 2018 in Ludwigsburg, KDPOF will showcase be innovative Gigabit POF solutions developed in in partnership with cable harness suppliers such as TE and others.

"POF cables are extremely reliable: they can withstand harsh environments and operate under adverse conditions such as installation in the engine compartment at high temperatures up to 105°C or down to -40°C,"explains Carlos Pardo, CEO and co-founder of KDPOF. "As an optical fiber with a large core, it tolerates vibrations and axis shifts better than other optical or copper alternatives such as glass optical fiber (Glass Optical Fiber, GOF), coaxial cable and STP."

As a plastic fibre with a large diameter, POF can be produced and installed cost-effectively. POF does not require sophisticated equipment or special qualification, nor does the cable harness manufacturing process need to be changed. The installation is simple plug-and-play. Winding and fastening is similar to that of copper cables. POF's good bending behaviour starts with a radius of ten millimeters. The distances for gigabit transmission range up to 40 meters without inline connectors or 15 meters with up to 4 inline connectors. POF also allows fast, dynamic and tight bending as well as immersion in dark liquids, in addition to the advantages of low noise and robustness in terms of coupling electromagnetic fields.

More information:   www.kdpof.com


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