Kvaser's Rugged family of CAN interfaces suit harsh environments

June 29, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Kvaser AB (Mölndal, Sweden) has announced its "Rugged" family of controller area network (CAN) to USB interfaces. Capable of operating in the harshest environments, including water submersion, the interfaces have been designed to meet the needs of engineers performing remote diagnosis or network troubleshooting in applications such as automotive, mining, marine, military, oil and gas exploration, military, industrial and heavy machinery.

All models within Kvaser's Rugged interface range boast a lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy housing. A heavy-duty polyurethane coating that completely seals the unit and cabling to IP67 standard for water and dust ingress provides further protection. Vibration, shock and drop proof, Kvaser's Rugged range operates over an expanded temperature range from –40 to +85°C.

With the Rugged product line, Kvaser offers interfaces that meet the demands of field engineers working in tough real-life environments, not the laboratory, the company said.

Rugged versions of Kvaser’s popular Leaf Light, Leaf SemiPro HS and Leaf Professional HS one channel CAN-to-USB interfaces are among the units available. The Leaf Light is perhaps the easiest way to connect a computer to a CAN bus by means of the USB 2.0 compliant connector and 9-pin D-SUB connector. Leaf Light is capable of time-stamping CAN messages to a 100 microsecond precision and handling up to 8000 messages per second.

Leaf SemiPro Rugged HS and Leaf Professional Rugged HS offer MagiSync clock synchronisation, enabling users to connect several MagiSync-equipped interfaces to a PC. Leaf SemiPro Rugged HS handles up to 15,000 messages per second, whilst Leaf Professional Rugged HS has a 20,000 per second capacity. Both models support silent mode for analysing tools such as AFT MARC I, ATI Apollo, ATI CANlab, ATI Vision, Kvaser CanKing and National Instruments DIAdem.

The Leaf Rugged range is complemented by Kvaser’s Memorator R SemiPro combined data logger. Notably, by soldering the SD-disk to the PCB the vibration resistance of the Memorator R SemiPro has been further enhanced to ensure error free operation, even when exposed to severe shocks.

For more information on the Kvaser’s range of Rugged CAN interfaces, please click the following link: www.kvaser.com/en/products/can/rugged.