Lauterbach tool supports Infineon's Aurix multicore architecture

May 29, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Microprocessor development tool vendor Lauterbach GmbH supports Infineon's new Aurix TC27x family with its Trace32 Debugger. The tool provides access to all on-chip debug features and supports on-chip trace as well as a full integration of the MCDS trigger and filter capabilities in the Trace32 PowerView interface. Program flow and/or data access are recorded by means of on-chip trace in real time.

The Aurix TC27x family is the platform of Infineon's next generation MCU family to meet the requirements of the latest automotive powertrain and safety applications. It consists of up to three TriCore MPUs to handle the application load in AMP, SMP or lockstep mode. The first Aurix device on the market is the TC27x with 200MHz triple core and 4MB eFlash.

"By the early availability of stable and feature-rich Aurix debug solution, we enable our customers to get a smooth start into the new 32-bit Multicore Aurix family", said Gerd Punsmann, TriCore Tool Manager at Infineon Technologies AG.

A highlight of the TC27x lead device is the AGBT trace port using the Aurora protocol. Lauterbach has experience with their high speed serial trace probe since many years and support the TC27x with 2,5 Gbit/s trace speed enabling all long time trace features of the Trace32 software. The recordings can be given a time stamp, enabling statistical evaluations during runtime without the need of code instrumentation.

The debugger for the General Timer Modul (GTM) is a free add-on to the debugger for Infineon's Aurix family and will be displayed in a separate instance of the Trace32 software. Also a real time trace of the GTM is included.

Trace32 also fully supports the debugging of the integrated HSM (Hardware Security Module). The HSM allows automotive customers to fulfill upcoming security requirements for a better protection of their applications from potential hacking attacks. 

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