LIN device family cuts costs in in-vehicle networking

November 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
These parts are, according to makers Atmel, the first LIN devices to comply with new OEM hardware recommendations and scalable functionality to improve overall system cost

All the new devices in this new family feature an LDO with minimum supply voltage of 2.3V combined with linear mode current of 130 µA to support data storage even during an unexpected shut down. This new family is compliant with the latest standards including LIN 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2A and SAEJ2602-2. Some members of the family also include application specific functions such as relay drivers, watchdog, high-side switches and wake up inputs.

The devices are available in DFN packages with heat-slug and wet-able flanks to support optical solder inspection. They also provide a family package footprint so that designers can upgrade their designs with various devices within the LIN SBC family. Atmel says its LIN family footprint makes it easier to migrate upwards and devices in the family offer application specific functionality for various LIN connected applications such as window lifters, sun-roofs, trunk opener or seat controls.

Features of Atmel's ATA6632/33/34 include;

· + 3.3V/5V/85 mA LDO suitable for usage with low-cost multi layer ceramic capacitors

· 2.3V lowest operating voltage

· Very low current consumption in linear mode (2V < VS < 5.5V): typically 130 µA, supporting emergency data write back to Flash in an unforeseen shut down situation

· Sleep current <15 µA; Normal mode current <290 µA

· DFN 8 (3 x 3 mm) and DFN16 (3 x 5.5 mm), wet-able flanks included, allowing automatic optical inspection of the solder joint

The ATAB663xxxA development kit allows designers to quickly start designing: the kit comes with a pre-defined set-up. All pins are easily accessible for quick testing. The kits allow designers to select master or slave operation with a mounting option for LIN pull-up resistor and series diode.

Part Number




ATA6632 01

3.3 V LDO


SOP Q2 2015

ATA6632 03



Mass production

ATA6632 11



SOP Q2 2015

ATA6632 31

LIN SBC with 3.3V LDO