LIN IP Core enables cost-effective network solutions not only for cars

February 04, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
IP design company Digital Core Design (Bytom, Poland) has developed DLIN, a LIN IP core aiming at cost-effective automotive applications but also at equally cost-effective solutions in other application fields such as intelligent sensors and actuators.

The DLIN is fully compatible with the LIN 1.3, 2.1 and the newest version 2.2 Revision A, released by the LIN Consortium. The core is described at RTL level, empowering the target use in both FPGA and ASIC technologies.

As technologies and facilities implemented in a car grow every year, the need for a cheap serial network has arisen. That's why LIN seems to be the most suitable solution to integrate intelligent sensor devices or actuators in today’s cars. Digital Core Design's DLIN controller supports transmission speeds between 1 and 20kb/s which allows to transmit and receive LIN messages compatible to LIN 1.3, LIN 2.1 and also the newest LIN 2.2 rev A.
Compared to CAN, LIN is slower, but thanks to its simplicity, it is much more cost effective. With these properties, the DLIN can be regarded as an ideal solution for communication in intelligent sensors and actuators, where the bandwidth and versatility of CAN is not required.

DCD’s IP Core provides an interface between a microprocessor/microcontroller and a LIN bus. It can work as a master or as a slave LIN node, depending on a working mode determined by the microprocessor/microcontroller. The reported information status includes the type and condition of transfer operations being performed by the DLIN, as well as a wide range of LIN error conditions (overrun, framing, parity, timeout). DCD’s IP Core includes also a programmable timer, which allows detecting timeout and synchronization error. The Core is described at RTL level, empowering the target use in FPGA and ASIC technologies.

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