Low-power analog video detector targets automotive camera systems

October 28, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Intersil Corporation introduced a highly integrated analog video decoder that eliminates the need for external op amps while enabling performance advantages through programmable short-to-battery and short-to-ground detection. Supporting differential inputs, the TW9990 video decoder and is designed for use in automotive rear camera display in the first place.

Automotive rear camera displays have become a popular driver safety feature. According to Edmunds market research, 70 percent of 2012 vehicles were outfitted with rear cameras. Market research firm iSuppli reports that nine in 10 new cars have console screens as an option. The quality of the video - along with the cost and footprint of the camera solution - are critical factors when adding this safety feature to new vehicles.

The TW9990 video decoder is a low power analog video decoder that supports NTSC/PAL/SECAM single-ended, differential, and pseudo differential composite video inputs as well as S-Video. Only a single 27MHz crystal is needed to decode all analog video standards. Typical power consumption is approximately 100mW for composite inputs. A power-down mode further reduces consumption.

Most automotive analog cameras are cabled as differential twisted pair to reduce common mode noise. Traditional analog video decoders only support single-ended inputs, meaning automotive system designers must place a video op amp in front of the decoder to convert differential signals to single-ended. The TW9990 video decoder eliminates the need for the external op amp and the associated cost, as it supports differential composite video signals directly, and has built-in programmable short-to-battery and short-to-ground detection. This is an essential functionality required by OEMs when supporting a differential signal input.

The TW9990 video decoder is available now in a compact 32-lead 5x5mm WFQFN in bulk tray packaging at $2.60 each in 1,000-units quantities. An evaluation board is available for $599.

For more information visit: www.intersil.com/products/TW9990