Low-power Renesas 16-bit MCUs for vehicle control systems

October 27, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Renesas’ RL78/F15 Group of low-power 16-bit microcontrollers is targeted at vehicle control systems such as body control modules (BCMs), air conditioners, and power seats. Part of the RL78 family of MCUs, the RL78/F15 Group combines low-power consumption with high processing performance and CAN communication that can be used independently for control and diagnostics.

Compatible with the RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 Groups, the RL78/F15 product lineup includes a newly added 144-pin package; packages with pin counts of 48-pins and above come with up to 512 kB of on-chip flash memory. When combined with the current RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 Groups, the resulting lineup includes a total of 127 product versions with pin counts ranging from 20- to 144-pins, enabling system manufacturers to select an MCU that is optimal for their system requirements. The added specifications simplify dealing with cases where memory capacity or pin count eventually becomes inadequate.

The RL78/F15 Group contains the same CPU core as the RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 Groups. This provides full compatibility and simplifies software portability and system upgrades: the added devices employ fabrication process technology with which Renesas already has an established mass production track record, which makes it possible to shorten the certification procedures.

Two CAN channels are provided, allowing CAN communication to be used independently for control and diagnostics. In addition, there are up to three hardware LIN channels, for applications requiring centralised control of communication, such as body control modules (BCMs). Support for IEBus (Inter Equipment Bus) makes it possible to accommodate car audio applications in the vehicle information field.

The development environment for the RL78/F15 consists of Renesas’ CS+ integrated development environment, the IAR EWRL78 Embedded Workbench , the Renesas E1 on-chip debugging emulator as well as Renesas’ IECUBE full-functional in-circuit emulator.

Sampling now, mass production of the RL78/F15 Group is scheduled to begin in July 2016.

Renesas Electronics Europe; www.renesas.eu