M2M Gateway module brings commercial vehicles online

July 14, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Fleet vehicles, heavy goods trucks, construction and agricultural machines get connected with the M2M Gateway module from Hirschmann Solutions. The module also enables users to expand and upgrade existing telematics solutions and enable them to utilise additional communications and navigation services.

The module upgrades 2G devices to 3G mobile services and will soon offer an additional upgrade option to 4G, the company said. With the product, telematics services providers and their customers can reduce their time to market. It comes with an integrated communications software stack from Hirschmann partner Inthinc which offloads users and system integrators from the burdensome task of communications interface integration, thus effectively reducing the complexity in the telematics system design.

The gateway module an be used in a broad variety of application scenarios without the need of redesigning or re-certifying the hardware. For example, it can be used in the driver’s cab of commercial vehicles to upgrade them with telematics units that are not equipped with GSM and / or GPS functionality. The Hirschmann units collects the telematics data and transmits it through mobile radio networks to a back office. The unit contains a WiFi router that connects to peripherals inside the car, offering the functionality of a WiFi hotpsot.

The software is based on the OpenWRT Linux distribution and enables users to carry out application-specific modifications and developments, such as security and monitoring applications or vehicle tracking.