Magna uses hypervisor to consolidate automotive platforms

July 09, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
After Continental also automotive supplier Magna relies on the hypervisor technology to consolidate complex applications in the car. The Canadian-Austrian company will launch a platform that uses the PikeOS hypervisor from Sysgo for a variety of customer projects, starting with Magna’s SurroundVue 360° vision system.

The PikeOS hypervisor was specifically designed for the development of software for embedded systems with security requirements. With real-time virtualization and partitioning PikeOS offers all the features required for the development of modern multi-functional and highly integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture forms the basis for certification and official approval of critical systems according to standards for functional safety and IT security.

PikeOS been used for many years as a basic software in aircraft electronics to reduce the number of isolated components and thus the complexity of the overall system. The increasing number of software applications and assistance systems also requires in automotive electronics very similar system architectures such as in an airplane. With PikeOS, system software vendor Sysgo is supplying a hypervisor that creates separate private partitions for different software applications and controls communication and data flow between the applications and the hardware This enables the integration of applications of different criticality on one hardware platform. Any necessary certifications according to standards for functional safety (eg ISO 26262) or IT security (eg Common Criteria) can be made separately for each application. Features like Secure Boot and Secure Update enhance security of the entire system even when updates for individual components of the software landscape.

“Through the deployment of the PikeOS hypervisor in the automotive industry we provide safety and security functions that ensure the overall safety in the car”, explained Sysgo Sales VP Norbert Kuhn. “Our collaboration with Magna is an important step to establish our hypervisor technology in the automotive industry.”

The production start for Magna’s SurroundVue system is scheduled for Q4/2015.

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