MathWorks launches automatic C Code generator, ISO 26262-certifies Simulink

April 12, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The Matlab Coder from software vendor Mathworks enables design engineers to automatically generate C and C++ code directly from Matlab algorithms, effectively eliminating manual recoding in the algorithm-to-implementation workflow. At the same time the company has announced that its Simulink verification tool has been certified according to the ISO 26262 safety standard.

According to Mathworks, Matlab Coder eliminates the need to manually translate Matlab algorithm code into C and C++ code for prototyping, implementation, and software integration. This results in a faster, more efficient system-development workflow.

The design of algorithm-intensive electronic and communications systems typically begins with Matlab. The Matlab algorithms eventually need to be converted into C code for integration into the final product. Manually converting from Matlab to C can take from days to weeks, introduce design errors, and contribute to time-to-market delays. Design engineers now can use Matlab to speed up development tasks such as fixed-point design and prototyping, and automatically generate C code with Matlab Coder.

The software tool supports an extensive set of Matlab language features for algorithm development, including built-in matrix math operators and dynamic array handling. Hundreds of operators, functions, and System objects are supported, including advanced algorithms for DSP and communications.

Along with the introduction of Matlab Coder, MathWorks released Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder. These two products simplify code generation for Simulink and Stateflow users by combining capabilities previously available in multiple MathWorks offerings. The new products incorporate the Real-Time Workshop technology, and offer full code generation support for rapid prototyping, real-time testing, and production embedded system implementation with built-in links to embedded development environments.

At the same time, the software vendor announced that TÜV SÜD certified Simulink Design Verifier and Simulink Verification and Validation for use in ISO 26262 compliant development processes. This independent assessment helps automotive engineers developing high-integrity embedded systems to establish the required confidence in the proper functioning of these verification tools according to their use cases.

MathWorks classified and prequalified the automatic test case generation capability of Simulink Design Verifier and the model coverage measurement capability of Simulink Verification and Validation according to the latest version of ISO 26262-8. TÜV SÜD subsequently assessed the tool classifications and prequalification results. To further assist automotive engineers using early verification and