MATLAB and Simulink now include FPGA support features

October 14, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
MathWorks has introduced Release 2014b with a range of new capabilities in MATLAB, including graphics and big data, and options in Simulink for accelerating model building and running consecutive simulations.

In addition, there are numerous updates in the areas of Signal Processing and Communications, Code Generation, and Verification and Validation

Signal Processing and Communications

  1. Computer Vision System Toolbox: Stereo camera calibration app, 3D point-cloud viewer and imageset class for large collections of images;
  2. DSP System Toolbox: ARM Cortex-A code generation with NE10 support with Embedded Coder, and multistage sample-rate converter;
  3. Communications System Toolbox: Connectivity to RTL-SDR radio receivers, connectivity and targeting for Zynq-based radios, I/Q imbalance compensator, and new Eye Diagram;
  4. Phased Array System Toolbox: Block library for phased array system design in Simulink;
  5. LTE System Toolbox: LTE Release 11 support including downlink control channel (E-PDCCH) and demodulation reference signal (DMRS) generation;
  6. SimRF: Frequency-domain mode for simulation acceleration.

Code Generation

  1. Embedded Coder: AUTOSAR target updates including 4/1 ARXML, client/server with Simulink functions, and multi-instance components and IFL/IFX libraries;
  2. HDL Coder: Xilinx Vivado integration and IP core with AXI interface generation for Altera SoC;
  3. HDL Verifier: Xilinx Vivado support for FPGA-in-the-loop simulation.

Verification and Validation

  1. Simulink Verification and Validation: Model coverage for relational boundary values;
  2. Simulink Design Verifier: Test generation for relational boundary values and Test Generation Advisor to guide component analysis;
  3. Polyspace Bug Finder and Polyspace Code Prover: Compliance checks for MISRA C:2012.

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