MBtech boosts electromobility with new competence centre

May 15, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Engineering and consulting services company MBtech is bundling its electromobility expertise in a new competence centre. The centre’s engineering topics range from high-voltage systems and power electronics to the development of high-voltage battery management systems.

Besides developing all-electric powertrains, the focus of the next years will be the further development of plug-in hybrid powertrains. This approach combines highly efficient internal combustion engines and battery electric motors, serving the different needs of short-range and long-range mobility.

BMtech in this context assumes the role of a development partner to its customers, integrating entire hybrid powertrains along with high-voltage electronics and energy storage into varying installation spaces and creating consistent interfaces between the different functional groups. The crux of the matter is the perfect interplay of all components to form an effective overall system. In this context, test facilities such as the powertrain test stand for electric and hybrid vehicles in the company’s test centre play an increasing role.

This test stand is designed for drive trains with up to 440 kW (598 HP) and speeds up to 350 kmph. In temperature-controlled test cells the behaviour of powertrains as well as high-voltage batteries can be tested dynamically at ambient temperatures between -30°C and +50°C. In special cases, hotspots with temperatures up to 140°C can be created.

“In 2015, our paramount focus is electromobility and alternative drive systems,” explains Thomas Harr, Vice President Powertrain at MBtech. “The new competency centre strengthens our position as energy partner for the development of classical and alternative drive concepts.” Besides the current projects, the group will be able to offer specific individual expert opinions as well as taking over large projects and overall responsibilities in alternative powertrain business environments.

The close vicinity of the new competence centre to Daimler’s headquarters in Stuttgart is no coincidence: MBtech, with MB standing for Mercedes Benz, has been launched by Daimler. In 2012, the carmaker sold the majority of the shares to French engineering company AKKA Technologies; Daimler still holds about one third of the shares.

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