Messina 3.3 testing platform offers better user control

September 29, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Engineering company Berner & Mattner, specialized in virtual integration, presents version 3.3 of its MESSINA simulation and testing platform. In addition to a GUI redesign for a more intuitive operation, the user now has the option to increase test speed by a customized configuration of cycle times.

According to the vendor, MESSINA enables users to consistently apply hardware-independent test sequences in software testing (SiL) and hardware testing (HiL). In order to perform a higher number of automated tests in the same period of time, Berner & Mattner has further improved the configuration of the time slices for the model execution. Cycle times of significantly less than one millisecond are now possible. The sequence of the model calculation and the hardware access can be controlled; the data transfer in a linked process can be configured. The new features allow the user a much better control of test procedures, Berner & Mattner claims. At the same time, effective processing speed is increased. An improved GUI also allows for a more intuitive operation of MESSINA by using a simplified configuration for naming the signals.

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