Micronas HAL 880 linear Hall sensor now available in SMD package

November 21, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Chip vendor Micronas announced the availability of its HAL 880 Hall sensor in SOIC8 package. This eliminates many cost adding processes, such as the leads bending process, often necessary for leaded packages such as the TO92. The HAL 880 in SOIC8 combines high performance sensor technology with a cost-effective, manufacturing friendly package, leading to attractive cost improvements at system level.

The HAL 880 is a member of Micronas' linear Hall sensor family HAL8xy, which has over 500 million units in production. Other family members will be available in SOIC8 packaging in the future.

The sensor is equipped with a linear analog output and is particularly suitable for applications where linear movements (distance, position) have to be detected. The device uses a DSP to adapt the incoming magnetic field to the wanted output characteristic. Furthermore, the DSP compensates alterations of the Hall voltage, caused by temperature fluctuations. Field strength variations of the magnet over temperature can also be compensated.

It incorporates a push-pull 12-bit ratiometric analog output with less than 25 mV noise. Wire-break detection is featured to insure reliable sensing. All programming parameters are kept in the internal EEPROM, and there are 13 extra bits for customer or application specific data. Programming is done by modulating the supply current. The device is supported by the full range of PC-based Hall-effect sensor development tools available from Micronas.

Operating junction temperature range of –40 to +140 °C makes the HAL 880 suitable for industrial as well as for automotive applications. Due to their specific advantages, Hall sensors are preferred instead of mechanical solutions for factory automation and consumer white-goods. In the latter, accurate sensors contribute to increased energy efficiency in washing machines, dryers, and other large appliances. 

HAL 880 in SOIC8 package is available today. Present at this year's SPS/IPC/Drives, Micronas will showcase the device and further product innovations for industrial applications. Newest system solutions for DC drives and state-of-the-art sensor solutions for applications in fans and pumps will also be presented.