Mixed-layout shock resistant connector from 1 to 4 rows for up to 120 contacts

July 23, 2012 //By Julien Happich
Nicomatic has unveilved a new DMM series of compact and shock resistant connectors under the trademark Micro-D-Mix, available in an all low frequency or mixed-layout configuration, with high frequency and/or high power contacts with possible arrangements of between 1 and 4 rows of up to 120 contacts.

Compared to Micro-D connectors, DMM connectors offer a higher density, a lower profile and a much lighter solution. They are also much more flexible in terms of design, contact arrangements and mixed-layout possibilities. Two product families are available. The Classic DMM series with LF (low frequency) contacts, for harness applications or PCBs, available in most popular shell sizes from the Micro-D market. The connectors can be built with 2 to 3 rows, 10 to 90 LF contacts from over 200 possible arrangements. The My DMM series with LF, HF (High Frequency), HP (High Power) or hybrid connectors is based on multi-contact arrangements, offering free positioning with pre-defined shell sizes. This new series offers custom design possibilities with the advantage of an off-the-shelf product. It can be built with 1 to 4 rows, 2 to 120 LF contacts, 1 to 30 HP/HF contacts, with panel mounting, racking and locking. Over 20 000 arrangements are possible, says the manufacturer.

A 3rd series; Exclusive DMM allows a much larger number of arrangements, whereby any type of contacts and any length or shell size can be used to match unique technical constraints. Nicomatic fixings are the same whether you use a male or female connector. Covers are mountable without modifying the front or rear panel and the philosophy of the system is to be modular with simple and universal concepts. The connectors are designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions and their spec covers performance requirements in compliance with MIL-DTL-83513G (Micro-D standard).

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