Modular climate control for buses

February 16, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Eberspächer Sütrak, a tier one supplier specialized in air conditioning systems for buses, has developed the E-Control climate control platform. Through its compact design the system can be deployed in series vehicles and retrofits likewise.

The core of the system is the C-Control Box ECU. Its modular design enables developers to centrally control all subsystems relevant for air conditioning such as rooftop and driver seat systems, compressor, convectors, heaters and floor-heating. Telemetry and vehicle diagnose can be integrated for read-out through the CAN interface. The control strategy makes it possible to define settings for multiple drive types. Thus, customer-specific pre-programming of temperature settings is possible. The system also enables optimizing energy consumption for electrically-driven buses.

E-Control comes pre-programmed according to its target installation like solo and double decker bus or articulated bus. The system is available for 12V and 24V system. It can be operated with existing customer control panels. In addition, retrofit thermal management components can also be connected to the control platform.

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