More CAN channels and analog I/Os for prototyping system

December 17, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive development tool vendor dSpace GmbH now offers a new I/O board for its MicroAutoBox II prototyping system. The board features six CAN channels as well as 32 ADC and 8 DAC I/Os, offering additional flexibility to connect sensors and actuators which makes it particularly suited for combustion engine and vehicle dynamics controls.

The CAN interfaces can be configured through tools like Simulink or dSpace Blocksets RTI (Real-time interface) CAN and RTI CAN MultiMessage, enabling fast and efficient CAN network topology configuration.

Anticipating future developments, the CAN interface hardware is prepared to accommodate Partial Networking configurations which makes it possible to selectively switch of specific CAN nodes for energy efficiency reasons. Software support for Partial Networking will be offered in a future release, the vendor said.

The MicroAutoBox II with the new DS1513 I/O board will be available in 1Q2014. The board can be combined with a freely programmable FPGA and with the MicroAutoBox PC.