MOST Cooperation: Change at the administrator level

November 14, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Henry Muyshondt from Microchip Technology succeeds Rainer Klos as the administrator of the MOST Cooperation. Muyshondt will continue to establish MOST150 as the infotainment data bus of choice among carmakers, and he will face the challenging task of leading the MOST technology into the future.

According to sources at the MOST Cooperation, the change in the administrator position is in accordance with the order of rotation in this position. Muyshondt, a veteran of the MOST technology since its inception, has been elected by the Steering Committee of the MOST Cooperation.

Muyshondt will continue to work on the roll-out of the current MOST version, MOST150, which is based on the revision 3.0 of the MOST specifications. In addition, he will have to further develop the MOST technology to prepare it against the increasing competition from alternative technologies, in particular from the Ethernet AVB camp which claims to have a cost advantage and to be more versatile. Beyond the large - and growing - group of Ethernet supporters, MOST also sees increasing competition from the vendors of specialised niche technologies such as Analog Device's recently introduced A2B technology.

Nevertheless, Muyshondt seems confident. "The MOST technology is currently used in more than 170 car models, with many new ones yet to come", he said. "The scalable architecture with powerful interfaces, multiprotocol channels, synchronicity and low latency has resulted in the extendable MOST architecture that meets the needs of the automotive data network for many years to come."