MOST150 goes for a drive in the new Audi A3

October 18, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Recently Audi has introduced the latest model of its A3 compact car. As the first vehicle in serial production he A3 employs the current version of the MOST infotainment data bus, MOST150.

The MOST Cooperation (MOSTCO) which handles the development and standardization of the MOST bus (Media Oriented Systems Transport) welcomes the roll-out. "Since first implementing MOST in an Audi car in 2002, this technology has become the established standard for the networking of premium infotainment systems at Audi," stated Stephan Esch, Head of Vehicle Networking, Technical Development at AUDI AG. "Now the new generation MOST150 is being launched in the new Audi A3 series. This also initiates the vehicle platforms MQB (modular transverse construction set) and MLB (modular longitudinal construction set) which will proceed in upcoming vehicle models ranging from the Volkswagen Golf to the Audi A8." Following the Audi A3, the technology will roll out successively through each of the series in the Volkswagen group.

MOST Cooperation Administrator Christian Thiel highlighted the support for Ethernet data traffic implemented in MOST150. "With the current rollout, the Audi A3 is the first car on the road that provides an Ethernet channel to all nodes of its infotainment system," he said. The Ethernet Channel of MOST150 runs like an IEEE802.x network. MOST150 adds Ethernet technology to a networking technology that was designed to meet stringent automotive requirements.

At the same time, MOSTCO) has made available an application describing a test board for the MOST150 cPHY. The board uses a cable model based on available discrete components. (see image) Set up by the Working Group Physical Layer according to the compliance measurement guideline, this application note is available for MOSTCO members to be used for compliance checking. 

Image: Top view of the test board with remote control.
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The application note refers to the released MOST150 Electrical Physical Layer Sub-Specification Rev. 1.0 based on coaxial cable. This MOST150 coax physical standard complements the existing MOST150 optical physical layer in the infotainment domain, especially for OEMs who have strong preferences for an electrical physical layer instead of an optical one. In addition,