MOSTCO demos integration of MOST bus with Autosar

April 01, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Amidst the advance of Ethernet AVB in most domains of the car, the MOST infotainment bus is clearly in a defensive position. As a countermeasure the MOSTCO plans to introduce the integration of the MOST bus within the Autosar software environment at the upcoming MOST Forum industry meeting on April 21.

Over the past years the Autosar organisation has developed a standardised open software architecture for automotive control units and is now increasingly applied in vehicle electronics domains throughout the automotive industry. Despite the increasing competition against the Ethernet camp, the MOST bus is still an important de-facto standard for automotive infotainment; among others it is supported by Audi and Daimler. “The MOST Technology is used to interconnect various domains in the vehicle and it is compatible with many different standards such as Autosar”, says Wolfgang Bott, Technical Coordinator of the MOST Cooperation (MOSTCO), the organisation that drives the further development of the MOST bus. According to Bott, there are multiple cases where it is useful for MOST and Autosar to interoperate.

At the MOST Forum, which will take place in Esslingen near Stuttgart (Germany), the MOST supporters will showcase a MOST/Autosar gateway that connects the vehicle network with a MOST network using Autosar mechanisms. In a second approach, the communication between two Autosar applications is tunnelled through a MOST network, either through the MOST Control Channel or over the Ethernet channel integrated in the MOST network. Other presentations include the prototype of a 10 Gbps Physical Layer through twisted pair cable as well as test and simulation solutions for MOST streaming devices.

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