Motor driver integrates LIN/PWM interface and controller supply

August 26, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the E523.01, Elmos presents an EC motor driver with all the functions required for the configuration of a complete, low-cost system. Apart from the high-performance bridge driver, for communication purposes the semiconductor features a LIN2.1 compatible interface as well as a PWM interface with data pre-processing.

For an external microprocessor, optional 3.3 or 5.0V voltage supply (70mA), reset, and a configurable window watchdog are provided. The E523.01 is suited for use in automotive as well as industrial applications; target applications range from radiator and blower fans and gas, hydraulic, oil and water pumps to wiper applications as well as industrial motors (fans, pumps) up to a voltage of 28V.

The motor driver powers 3 external NMOS half-bridges for BLDC or DC motors, optionally with 3 or 6 PWM input signals. Small loads can be directly controlled. The dead time between the high-side and low-side FETs can be adjusted most precisely via SPI interface, thus enabling the optimized control of the power drivers. Elaborate diagnostic and protective features such as short-circuit detection at all external FETs and voltage, current and temperature monitoring provide for the best possible safety.

Due to its very low power loss and the efficient QFN package, the IC can also be used in high-temperature environments. Other characteristics of the E523.01 are the low standby current drain (<50 µA), the motor current measuring amplifier, and the optional boost transistor for the integrated voltage regulator. With the help of this external transistor, the microprocessor can be supplied with higher current levels or the internal power loss of the E523.01 can be minimized even further.

In addition to the E523.01, the E523.11 is available with just a PWM interface. Both products can be supplied in the QFN44L7 or the QSOP44 package.

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