Multi-function integrated FET switch replaces automotive relays

April 23, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s HITFET+ switch family features adjustable slew rate and outstanding protection features; the first family member BTF3050TE is now in high-volume production for replacement of electromechanical relays.

The HITFET+ family are protected low-side switches;they comprise highly integrated temperature protected MOSFETs with a feature set including diagnosis function, digital status feedback and short-circuit robustness, and – not available until today – controlled slew rate adjustment for easily balancing switching losses and EMC compliance. The HITFET+ family will comprise at least 16 members varying in R DS(on) (10 to 800 mOhm), feature set (i.e. with and without status feedback), and package size (D-PAK with 5 or 3 pins, DSO with 8 pins). HITFET+ products of one package size are completely scalable: There is no need for system designers to change either software or PCB layout to drive various loads. The first family member, the BTF3050TE, is already available in high-volume.

HITFET+ is aimed at a wide range of automotive and industrial applications whenever there is need for MOSFETs with protection functionality

In automotive applications, the HITFET+ products can drive solenoids for valve control with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) up to 20 kHz. They suit automotive light dimming applications where they prevent flickering and support typical power levels of 10W to 60W. The HITFET+ family is suitable for a range of other automotive applications such as mid-size and small-size electric motor drives for door lock or parking brake; for injection valves for alternative fuel (LPG, CNG); flap driving in HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning); rear wheel steering applications as well as safety relay replacement in active suspension systems.

HITFET+ products are also suitable as protected drivers in a wide area of industrial applications such as printers; vacuum cleaners; solar power modules; and vending machines.

“Infineon invented the HITFET protected low-side switches more than two decades ago and established an industry standard. Our most recent HITFET+ family will provide the right low-side switch wherever over-temperature or over-current protection are needed in automotive and industrial applications,” says Andreas Doll, Vice President and General Manager, Body Power, Automotive division at Infineon Technologies AG.