New Simdriveline release facilitates integration of multiple physical domains into power train modeling

July 20, 2011 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In the latest release of mechanical system simulation software SimDriveline, vendor Mathworks has enhanced the product's functionality. The software now facilitates the integration of several physical domains into the power train modeling. The new functions include modeling heat losses in mechanical transmissions, solenoids, and hydraulically operated clutches.

The SimDriveline software enables design teams to model even complex systems. SimDriveline vendor Mathworks claims that with the software the modeling process is easier than using signal-based or I/O-based simulation methods. The new SimDriveline enhancements include transmission loss models which take in account the friction losses caused by the interlock of gears as well as rotatory attenuation losses in the shafts. Thus, users can include efficiency examinations into their simulations. In particular, simulations of systems with multiple coupling processes will generate more exact results.

Since SimDriveline is based on Mathworks' Simscape technology, engineers can include further libraries for physical modeling and use additional simulation functions. Thus, engineers can focus more on optimizing their design instead of setting up test and models, promises Mathworks.

"For an engineer who wants to optimize his design it is particularly important to model software algorithms and physical system in a single environment and to identify integration issues as early as possible", said Mathworks Design Automation Marketing Manager Paul Barnard.

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