New Vector Microsar operating system version supports multicore processors

June 21, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vector Informatik (Stuttgart, Germany) has expanded its Autosar-compliant operating system product family for the support of multi-core processors. Microsar OS Multi-Core enables independent execution of the application software on multiple processor cores. To accomplish this, the operating system utilizes synchronization methods and coordinated access to common resources.

Microsar OS Multi-Core extends the proven operating system family from Vector and conforms to the Autosar standard. The concept of static configuration results in a compact and very fast kernel of Microsar OS Multi-Core, the company says. Therefore, this operating system is optimal for embedded applications. If required, it can be extended by memory protection or execution time protection.

The operating system services provide the interfaces known from OSEK/VDX and Autosar. For this reason the incorporation effort of automotive ECU developers is said to be very low.

Figure: MICROSAR OS Multi-Core is ideal for separate but synchronized processing of automotive applications on multi-core processors.

Microsar OS Multi-Core is now available and has been successfully implemented in early projects.  For more information, visit Vektor Informatik on