New Volvo diesel engine: More sensors, better efficiency

April 09, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Volvo has developed a new fuel injection control system for Diesel engines that promises to significantly increase the already high fuel efficiency of this engine type. The i-ART system throws sensors and microprocessors at the problem, enabling continuous monitoring of the relevant parameters.

As an additional measure, Volvo's engine engineers increase the rail pressure in the system to 2.500 bar, somewhat higher that standard in today's common rail injection systems. The combination of higher injection pressure and the i-ART technology creates an engine with improved fuel economy, lower emissions and a high performance output, Volvo claims.

i-ART is part of Volvo's new Engine Architecture (VEA) which will be launched in autumn 2013. Other VEA elements include a new 8-speed automatic transmission that also will contribute to better fuel economy. Certain engines will also offer additional performance via electrification. The new engines will be smaller and more intelligent, a company spokesperson said. In this context, the company said the new low-volume engines will make old V-8 like "dinosaurs". "Our four-cyclinder engines will offer higher performance than today's six-cylinder units and lower fuel consummation that the current four-cycliner generation", a company spokesperson explained.