NFC transponder for use in automotive applications

January 04, 2016 // By Susan Nordyk
A dynamic dual-interface NFC transponder from Texas Instruments, the RF430CL330H-Q1, is AEC-Q100-qualified for use in automotive infotainment systems.

The NFC Tag Type 4 device enables simple secure pairing (SSP) using the Out of Band (OOB) association model for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, and WiFi between an NFC-enabled smart phone or tablet and an automotive infotainment system. Using the transponder, users can pair or execute NFC-enabled WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) with one tap, to configure specific driver settings when entering the car, eliminating complicated manual procedures.

In addition to a wireless NFC interface, the RF430CL330H-Q1 offers an I²C or SPI connection to an infotainment host processor in the vehicle, including TI’s DRA74x Jacinto 6 or DRA72x Jacinto 6 Eco automotive SoCs. The optimised NFC interface can also serve as a secure configuration and service interface for diagnostic data, supporting data rates of 106 kbps, 212 kbps, 424 kbps, and 848 kbps to allow maximum communication flexibility.