NXP adds cell controller to battery management platform

November 07, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With electric vehicles increasing their significance in the global automotive markets rapidly, battery management is becoming an important topic for developers. For this reason, NXP has expanded its battery management reference platform with a new cell controller family. The products will help carmakers deliver the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles faster and with less development risk.

Combined with NXP’s already rather comprehensive portfolio of automotive microcontrollers (MCUs), power management system basis chips (SBCs), and communication transceivers, the battery cell controllers provide readily useable reference design platforms for controlling high-capacity energy storage in modern electric vehicles. The platforms are designed to help carmakers deliver the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles with greater speed and less development risk.

The energy required to power the main traction motors in electric vehicles is stored in high- performance batteries made up of many individual lithium-ion cells. The accurate measurement and management of each of these cells is critical to the safety and dependability of the complete battery pack. Battery management systems are designed to monitor the critical state-of-charge, state-of- health and battery temperature of the individual cells, while precisely measuring currents into and out of the battery pack.

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