NXP forms C2X alliance with Cohda Wireless and Lesswire AG

April 04, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications are among the technological pillars for future autonomous driving concepts. Currently, this technology is emerging from the research phase; commercial companies are about to position themselves for their offerings in this promising market. As one of the firsts, chipmaker NXP aligns with Cohda Wireless, an expert for telematics and transport electronics solutions. On board is also German radio technology company Lesswire AG.

NXP Semiconductors and Cohda have signed the Car2Car Communication Consortium Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The memorandum aims at implementing and deploying harmonized technology for the wireless communication between cars, or between cars and traffic infrastructure, in Europe. NXP and Cohda, a leading specialist in wireless communication for automotive safety applications, are the first automotive electronics suppliers to sign the MoU, following twelve major car manufacturers in October 2012.

In addition, NXP and Cohda have announced the introduction of Roadlink as their new technology brand for marketing a total Car-to-X (C2X) communication and security solution for on-board units and road-side units in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Automotive-ready modules based on Roadlink are currently being developed by companies including lesswire AG in Germany. A specialist for automotive wireless networking, lesswire has announced a C2X module which supports the timely introduction of automotive applications from 2015 onwards, as planned by the Car2Car Communication Consortium.

Under the technology brand RoadLink, NXP and Cohda Wireless plan to introduce and market a total Car-to-X radio and security solution for ITS on-board units and road-side units. Cohda's patented reception technology enhances wireless communications to quality levels far beyond commercial off-the-shelf receivers and transmitters using the IEEE 802.11 communication standard. NXP contributes the hardware platform based on its expertise in software-defined radio, high-performance mixed-signal RF tuners, and security technologies. At the same time, NXP enables the automotive-ready performance of the total solution, which offers unparalleled efficiency in terms of cost, form factor, and power consumption.

Using RoadLink technology, lesswire is developing small embedded Car-to-X radio modules offering best-in-class RF performance. “We have decided to design our new portfolio of IEEE802.11p modules on RoadLink technology by NXP and Cohda Wireless because of their technologies for car communication,” explains Dr. Ralph Meyfarth, CEO lesswire AG. “First modules are planned to be released in 2014. They will be designed in with major global car manufacturers and used in various architectures. The