OBD software offloads ECU developers

November 06, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
A production-ready On-Bord Diagnostics (OBD) extension is now available for AUTOSAR basic software from Vector. It has been developed in cooperation with several automotive manufacturers and supports their specific requirements. For all other OEMs and ECU suppliers, customized versions of the diagnostic-related basic software modules are available from Vector. Because suppliers no longer need to develop the OBD functionality themselves, they can focus on implementing the core functionality of their ECUs as before.

Vector offers an add-on solution for the AUTOSAR modules DCM, DEM and FIM for the growing numbers of ECUs with Comprehensive Component Monitor functionality. Not only do the modules consider the extensive OBD standards and directives, they are also adapted to the special needs of the supported OEMs. Comprehensive Component Monitor functions are found in such ECUs as those for battery regeneration while braking the vehicle and in the areas of battery management and climate control.

Fig. 1: The DCM module extension contains the nine defined OBD services

The named modules are bundled in the MICROSAR DIAG product and are available for both AUTOSAR 4 and AUTOSAR 3. Just like certain other AUTOSAR modules, these three modules can also be used in projects that are not based on AUTOSAR, e.g. CANbedded projects.

The monitor functionality in OBD-relevant ECUs is subdivided into what is known as “Major Monitors” and “Comprehensive Component Monitors”. Major Monitors are supervising systems that have a direct effect on emission values, e.g. in fuel and exhaust gas recirculation systems. Comprehensive Component Monitors check the systems that are needed for the Major Monitors and only have an indirect effect on emissions.

For more information on MICROSAR DIAG go to: www.vector.com/microsar