ODB2 stick brings remote diagnosis to the car driver

March 12, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Only a mouse click away is the car workshop for users of the golo CarCare ODB2 adapter from Launch Europe GmbH. The device plugs to the ODB2 diagnostics interface of the vehicle and transmits a message to the workshop if some parameters indicate a malfunction. There, the signals are received and processed by the corresponding X-431 Pro analysis software that runs as app on a tablet or smartphone.

The golo CarCare ODB2 plug connects via Bluetooth to the associated app on the user's smartphone. Available are versions for Android and iOS. This app does not only manage the connection to the workshop but it also displays essential engine status notifications locally.

In addition, the app transfers all data acquired to a cloud-based server that puts the data at the X-431 Pro's disposal. In the workshop, experts can dig into the data material and interpret it accordingly. The system enables car drivers to request a detailed diagnosis immediately after a problem occurs. Thus he comes to know if he can continue his ride or see his repair workshop immediately.  The remote maintenance plug provides detailed diagnosis for 59 different car models from Europe, the US and Asia.

More information: www.launch-europe.de