OLED exterior lighting soon in series vehicles, Osram says

February 11, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At the recent Consumer Electroncis Show in Las Vegas, OLED-based taillights were one of the eyM4 ecatchers of BMW's M4 Concept Iconic Lights showcar. The innovative lighting technology will be available in series vehicles as early as 2016, Osram said now.

Being a planar technology, OLED (Organic LEDs) lighting offers unseen design flexibility and creative options, enabling designers to achieve a high brand recognition value. Plus, it consumes even less power than conventional LEDs. Hitherto OLEDs however suffered from their sensitivity against humidity; all the sealing techniques developed by lighting companies proved that in the long run they ultimately were not good enough.

Now it seems that Osram has gotten to grips with this weakness. According to the company, improved materials and manufacturing processes led to significant improvements in the long-term impermeability of OLED sealings. Likewise the company also claims to have mastered the temperature sensitivity of their OLEDs, another weak point in past products. Though an Osram spokesperson declined to name its customer(s), the company announced the general availability of OLED lighting in series vehicles.

Given the fact that BMW already exhibited its Iconic Lighting concept car with OLEDs, it seems obvious that it will be the Munich-based carmaker that will come out first with the innovative lighting technology. However, also competitor Audi has already shown design studies with OLED exterior lighting. It remains unclear who will make the race and introduce them into series production.

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